Pro Treat Xd

at 26 lbs it is built for speed, power, and mobility

It's simplicity is impressive...

Will last for years, little to no maintenance, built using only the best parts – MADE IN THE USA!

Guarantee you've never seen a backpack like this

Power of a Spry Rig and mobility of a Backpack

Sprays for days!

180 Gallons per system – How many houses can you treat with 180 gallons?

Our batteries last for years

Our power system, is unmatched by any other. Designed & built by active pest control technicians.

Chemical Box Built For Speed

TailGate-R is designed to secure your backpacks and keep your chemicals safe and accessible. It’s easy, smart, and practical.

 ProTreat in Action!

Pro Treat’s powerfull pump & no trailing hose  an average home can be treated in 5-7 minutes! – Truck-mounted rigs and hand powered backpacks limit the mobility, versatility, and speed, as well as production. No unwinding or winding the hose,  that means no double backing, tramping flowers, breakling sprinklers.

It's Versatile Seamless & Powerful

ZeroLeak Hose System

Designed to be leak free offering quick and easy adjustments with seamless integration between application tools – JD9, Sub-Slab Injector, or Drywood Termite Pressure Injector. It’s so simple you wont even need plumbers tape.

The most robust power system ever on a backpack GUARANTEED!

Longest lasting batteries  –  2 batteries last up-to 4 Days

Change batteries in less than 30 seconds. ProTreat’s power system was designed for no “down-time”. Weather-proof connectors built to last and built tough!

Batteries Last For Years

Easily Switch Out Batteries

No Down Time

It fills the gap

It’s a spray rig on your back!

 If you need the power it’s there, if you want the speed it’s there. Easily get the product where it needs to be fast and efficiently. Treat the entire area as fast as you can walk. “Never before has there ever been a backpack like it.”

Protect and secure your investments with our TailGat-R

Our TailGate-R is designed to lock up and secure your backpacks. It’s low profile keeps the curious away and keeps your investment for another day!

Work Smarter

TailGate-R is designed for quick access to chemicals you use most. Keeps them dry, safe, and close.

Work Faster

TailGate-R keeps everything you need is on the tailgate – it’s close, it’s fast, it’s the future of pest control.

Our TailGate-R is designed to lock up and secure your backpacks. It’s low profile keep the curious away and keeps your investment for another day!

90 Gallons on a single charge

ProTreat Backpacks are designed for maximum production and efficiency.

Customer acquisition cost dropped by 47%

Our techs were doing a better job and being more thorough even though they were on the property a fraction of the time. Customers referrals increased immediately – 28% of new customers.

Double or triple a technicians route

Technicians love how easy it is and it’s speed.

Increase your sales in several ways:

Consumer Perception – They loved the way the backpacks looked and sounded, there was a real “wow” factor. We stood out from the competition, we had a better smarter faster way of doing things, they’d picked an innovative company.

Technicians make more money

ProTreat Backpacks come with 2 batteries – that’s 4 days of treatment*

New employees are expensive

ProTreat Backpacks pay for themselves in as little as one week! New employees are expensive, taking up to 12 months to get a return on your investment.

It's what your already using

ProTreat Backpacks are built to last with little to no maintenance!

Decrease your liability and expenses by investing in a ProTreat Backpack

ProTreat Backpacks reduce your “exposure”! Less employees, less trucks, less moving parts means less chances of something going wrong.

Little to no maintenance!

As business owners we can’t afford to have equipment down, customer are expecting us, employees need us, and we have a business to run.

ProTreat Xe

Built for the person who pays for it AND uses it. Less rugged as the Xd because you'll take care of it!

ProTreat Xd

Built for the employer who gives it to the employee - this one can take a beating!

Designed and built to fit your budget!

Because we believe everyone should have more of what they want.

We had you in mind in the design and use of our backpacks.

Built in SoCal, these backpacks are built tough! Designed by Pest Control Technicians we know exactly what is needed. It had to be FAST, POWERFUL, SIMPLE, and RELIABLE. With as little moving parts as possible and not compromising the speed or the output of the pump, we designed a clean efficient backpack sprayer. With its mobility lightweight, and versatility your in and out with no down time!

Double, Triple Production

The powerfull delivery system of the Pro Treat backpack is so robust with an unmatched output  of 1 gallon per minute, your treatment times will be limited only by their walking speed.

Light Weight & Strong

At only 13lbs this Pollycarbonate Container System is built for commercial use, mindfull that not all our employees take as good care of their equiptment as you – the owner – would!

Unmatched Power System

A fully charged battery typically will spray 30-40 standard houses front & back yards. We designed the backpack so that the battery could be swapped out  in less than 30 seconds & a custom weatherproof plug that has a built-in battery level indicator so you’ll know how much juice is left.

Mobility & Versatility

Not having a hose means your techs won’t have to waste time backtracking around homes as often and won’t have to spend time rolling the hose in and out.

No More Leaks !!

I don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than a leak. That’s why we use the best fasteners available – Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steel.

Absolute Reliability

There are three basic systems: Container, Power, and Delivery System. These three systems are “plug-and-play” – seamless integration for sustained trouble free operation. With less moving/breakable parts. This means more reliability and therefore less equipment costs. If needed it only takes less then 20 munites and you back in business. 

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Still Want More Details?

Amazing Features

Increase Profits

By reducing  VEHICLE COSTS reducing your MATERIAL COSTS reducing your LABOR COSTS – All the while increasing sales.

Reduce Liability

Less trucks, employees, less accidents, less unknown. Organic sales from existing customer referals.

Employee Loyalty

Offer the best & Ask for the best then you’ll Get the best ! Your family and theirs, as well as you customers all win !!

Large Padded Straps

Large Straps; disperse the weight allowing the backpack to sit comfortably on your shoulders, allows for ease of movement, as well as putting on and taking off.

Optional Back Pad

The backpack pad allows for greater comfort. This gives additional stability as well as class to your backpack. The ribbed design allows for greater air flow.

What Customers Are Saying.

“Now that I tried the Pro Treat backpack for a test run, there’s no way I’m going back to pulling out my hose and dealing with that anymore. I’m glad someone finally made this, I’m home earlier to finish my business stuff and spend more time with my family.” Robert L Dallas TX

“After 20 some years of only doing termite I decided to get into pest control after years of urging by a good friend. I was hesitant – I’d seen for years others dealing with that ridiculous hose, walking around the house twice, too many moving parts, too inefficient. And the backpacks were too slow, but I tried them anyways. After two years and a sore elbow, I refused to just “do what everyones else had been doing” – so I started to develop what is now the Pro Treat Backpack. After more then 7 years of fine tuning it is the key element to my pest control company’s excellent success and profit. (by the way I pretty much only do pest control now! – I LOVE IT!” Tyler Anderson Santa Clarita CA

“I love arriving at a home and seeing another company spraying with that red hand-powered backpack – the one used by most other companies – next door. These backpacks are so fast and powerful I treat the entire home/yard get back in my truck and leave to my next one as the other company is looking at amazement – they’re only half way done. – Thanks Pro Treat” Matthew S Los Angeles, Ca

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Do you want more time? Do you want to accomplish twice as much in half the time? Or make twice the money in the same amount of time your working now? Imagine doing 20-30 stops a day! This is by fare the best business investment you’ll make! Would you like to hire the best of the best and pick from multiple applicants? Your employees will love their job and their new paychecks, then they’ll tell all their friends about it and want to leave their company for yours. You’ll have a line of potential employees out your front door. Or you’ll be back at your home office in half the time. What would you do with more free time? How would you like to spend this time? With your family, on the golf corse, at the gym, or building your business, maybe even just relaxing and read that book that you saw at the store? NO it’s not too good to be true! – Tyler has been using these backpacks for many years now and all along the way other techs in the field stop his employees and are amazed at how slick and cool it looks, how simple and efficient it is and ask to buy one. For years Tyler has turned down opportunities to manufacture and sell them – that is until NOW!!


Get an extra Power System, or other supplies so your always perpared.

The Essentials

Take Control of Your Business’s Profit and Enjoy Double, Triple Morre of What You Want

It's This Simple...

after more then 7 years the only thing we have ever need to replace was the moving parts…