What is the Value of the ProTreat Backpacks?


“It depends, how much profit you want to make, expenses you want to cut, and how many additional new customers you want…”

Tyler Anderson – An extremely happy Owner/Operator of a growing profitable Pest Control Company & Founder/Developer, of ProTreat Inc.

Pro Treat Reduced the 3 Biggest Expenses I Had! 

There are a lot of costs with all businesses, and many of the costs are the same. Some of the top costs associated with pest control businesses are MATERIAL COSTS, VEHICLE COSTS, and LABOR COSTS. To be sure, if you pull out your P&L there are a ton of other costs too, but these three typically are the top three costs for most pest control businesses. For any business in the world, there are two ways to make a profit, DECREASE COSTS, or INCREASE SALES. This is a universal rule. No matter how you slice it, if you’re increasing profit you’re either decreasing your costs or increasing your sales. The long standing business rule has been “it’s one or the other”, that doing both is a dream. But Wouldn’t it be nice to do both? To cut cost and increase sales? It that really possible? – I think so, actually I know so! And I can’t wait to tell you about it in a little bit… After 20 some years of only doing termite I decided to get into pest control after years of urging by a good friend. I was hesitant – I’d seen for years others dealing with that ridiculous hose, walking around the house twice – pulling the spray rig hose around a customer’s house walking one direction around the home, then double back, walking around the other side all the while being careful not to ruin flowers, not to break sprinklers, or drag the hose through the mud, or let it fall into a pool. Having to backtrack around obstacles like pools, patio furniture, fences. And when the treatment was done still having to roll up the hose. Too many moving parts, too inefficient. And the backpacks were too slow, but I tried them anyways. But backpacks also had problems. I bought the top of the line hand-pump sprayers, but they were really slow, forcing me to walk slower just to get the right amount of pesticide to the necessary parts of the yard and Home. How long would it take you to treat 20-30 houses with a hand-powered backpack pump? These backpack – due to fatigue are only good for 10-15 homes! Poorly made they also didn’t last very long, I found myself constantly fixing small parts here and there. The spray rigs and the backpacks that were available to me were slow, inconvenient, and broke all the time. So I made my own backpack After two years and a sore elbow, I refused to just “do what everyones else had been doing” – so I started to develop what is now the Pro Treat Backpack. After more then 7 years of fine tuning it is the key element to my pest control company’s excellent success and profit. (by the way I pretty much only do pest control now! – I LOVE IT!

The Pest Control Business Model:

Consumer problem – They have bugs

Business solution – Spray pesticide

This simple, and exceptionally rewarding model hasn’t changed since it was born. Because of this pest control business owners too have not changed. Thus greatly impacting business growth, impeding profits, increasing liability, creating high employee turnover.

What does this mean?

Basically a pest control Company on average can service 300 to 400 homes a month per truck/technician. It’s a fact that in order to grow additional customers are needed. In times past, large amounts of resources such as cash and credit were required prior to this customer acquisition. Prior to the introduction of Pro Treat, this came with an increase cost of doing business and an additional truck $3,000 deposit plus monthly payments for the next 3-5 years, plus maintenance totaling $4,000 – $6000 a year, extermination equipment $1,500-$2,600, licensing, insurance $900-$1200 a year, gas up to $3000 a year, employee training 3-6 months of payroll plus employment taxes $12,000 – $18,000, and not to mention that expensive advertising cost 5% of expected route volume up to $15,000 . It isn’t until this second employee reaches the 300-400 customers a month that the profit margins begin to heal from the beating they’ve taken in the time it took to get there. Often times you won’t see the profit until 12-18 months later that is 12-18 month after your 300 – 400th customer!

So how can a pest control company

Reduce operating cost while improving quality and increase productivity, offering reward programs to existing employees for productivity, professionalism, and efficiency?


Answer:    PRO TREAT

Why is PRO TREAT the answer?

Consider the following…

Quality is the priority


Built tough to last


An experienced technician will build your backpack from the ground up, visually inspect each part for quality and capacity. Ensuring all connections are tight, sealed, and will not leak. Once the backpack is built it undergoes a 24-hour “burn-in” which stress test the backpack to ensure that it meets ProTreat Inc.’s high quality standards. This ensures your backpack is RTT (Ready To Treat) right out of the box, and is leak free. It Is because of this upon arrival and unpacking you may find small amounts of water in the system.

The backpack is then carefully wrapped in a box and ship via a carrier of your choice directly to your home, office, or home-office. It is recommended that you inspect all fittings and joints on a weekly basis. Over time and under normal operating conditions the fittings and points of connection may become loose, and a leak may develop, this is normal and is easily fixed by tightening the fitting. Do not over tighten! You may fasten #6 hose clamp – this is provided and completed by the purchaser.

We also recommend you save the original packaging in case of a return.

Businesses exist to make a profit.

In their quest for freedom and to increase their standard of living, business owners sacrifice their time, their attention, and all available resources to start and grow a business. As their dreams materialize and their business grows they’re faced with the realization of rising expenses, liability, and in an attempt to maintain their profit margins often times corners are cut, quality diminishes, and employee perks as well as pay are reduced while expecting them to work harder and longer hours to maintain growth, resulting in poor employee relations and high employment turn-over. This combination is an exponential growth pattern to business burn-out, what was once a  dream is now a nightmare what was Freedom is now servitude.

True or False

The best and most efficient way for profitable growth is to acquire more customers – that is “do more of what you’re already doing.”


This is the wrong way to increase your bottom line. I fact it’s the worst thing you can do. customer acquisition cost is increasing every year as well as employment cost, hiring additional employees is expensive and time consuming, training cost is 11:1. employee turnover increases raising insurance and liability.  These are just some of what drives the expenses higher and higher hampering our ability to grow. The pest-control industry is no exception to this in fact it really meets the standard actually it sets the standard. it’s for the above-mentioned reasons the pest control business have not grown or changed from its business model since it’s inception. So what is the best most efficient way to turn up the profit margin with systematic growth?

Reduce operating cost while improving quality and increase productivity, offering reward programs to existing employees for productivity, professionalism, and efficiency.

Our advertising saw a big bump in improvement!

People really responded to how cool and professional these backpacks looked, on-line reviews increased, credibility ensued, google search increased resulting in more web hits.

The ProTreat backpack solved a lot of things for me and we immediately saw three main benefits.

#1 Productivity

The first benefit is increased productivity. The freedom of not having a rig hose means you don’t have to waste time backtracking around homes as often and you don’t have to spend time rolling the hose in and out. And by not having the poor volume flow of a manually powered backpack you can walk as fast as you want, you don’t have to mope around your customer’s properties. By combining the power of a spray rig and the mobility of a back pack we’ve seen up to a 100% increase – YES! I said 100% in the number of stops per day a route technician can do. As of today our technicians are completing 20-30 stops a day!

#2 Decrease in maintenance costs and down time

The second benefit we saw was a decrease in maintenance costs and down time. Our Pro Treat backpacks have three basic systems: Container System, Power System, and Delivery System. These three systems are “plug-and-play” – seamless integration for sustained trouble free operation. They have less moving/breakable parts and the parts they do have are top of the line and hardly ever break. This means more reliability and therefore more profit.

#3 An increase in quality of treatment

And the third benefit we saw was an increase in quality of treatment. Accurate chemical mixing with the smaller tank (an even 4 gallon capacity) allowed for easy math when it came time for mixing chemicals. A smaller tank also means less leftover chemical at the end of the day, degrading in potency through the night. With no hoses, and with a powerful sprayer, our techs had: the versatility and mobility to get to the parts of the home that had the bugs easier and quicker, had less to worry about the plants, the hose getting caught up, they were simply happier doing their treatments.


We first started noticing that our customers were giving us feedback that our techs were doing a better job and being more thorough even though they were on the property a fraction of the time as compared to before. Our “organic” customers, that is customers from referrals increased immediately and as of late 2017 comprised of 28% of our overall new customer base. This drove our customer acquisition price to the lowest on record. When we asked our techs what was going on they told us that not having to worry about damaging flowers or sprinklers, getting in getting it done and getting out  helped them just focus on giving better service, it just came natural to them! When others saw us using these trend-setting, clean, slick-looking backpacks with our company logo prominently displayed so everyone could see who was treating the neighbors house, the neighbors came out of their houses, stopped working in their yards, their garages to see who we were and what we were doing and ended up hiring us again and again – on the spot! Our referrals went through the roof of course. And the techs loved these new customers falling into their laps!

Stop Reading and Buy Now


What is the true VALUE of the ProTreat Backpack?

You’ll reduce VEHICLE COSTS

In both acquisitions and running costs.You’ll need less vehicles overall because each route/vehicle will be able to do many more stops than before, allowing you to grow for a while without needing any new vehicles. Fewer vehicles means less paid to buy or lease the vehicles, plus less in insurance costs, less in maintenance, even less accident liability to your company with less vehicles on the road. The cost for operating the vehicles you do have will also go down as both your maintenance and fuel costs will be reduced due to not having nearly as much weight in the bed. Pro Treat backpacks weigh 1/10th as much as a loaded 50-gallon spray rig!

You’ll reduce your MATERIAL COSTS for both equipment and chemicals.

Your equipment costs will go down because the Pro Treat backpacks are less expensive than spray rigs, plus, when needed, the replacement parts are less expensive as well (our check valve, valve, and pressure switch is $60 that’s as good as new) You won’t ever lose a truck in production for a single day because its at the mechanic having the pump’s engine fixed or serviced. No more gasoline and two-stroke oil mixing mistakes, or foul’ed plugs, burned up pumps cause they were ran dry to long, broken or stubborn hose reels. And your chemical cost will go down as your technicians will treat more efficiently. The power of the pump plus the adjustable nozzle of the spray gun allows for the chemical to get to those hard to reach areas.This means less RE-TREATS less “call-backs” (this also helps in vehicle cost mentioned earlier). 4 gallons can treat 2-3 homes – the smaller the unit (as compared to a 50 gallon tank) the easier it is to track and maintain units treated/chemical used this cuts back on waste and over mixing/treating.

You’ll reduce your LABOR COSTS in several important ways.

Working with Pro Treat backpacks means less shoulder strain, injuries caused by repetitive motion – tennis elbow form the hand-powered backpacks, and by following our proscribed donning procedure, less back injuries than both traditional backpacks or spray rigs. Your per-route labor cost will go down. If you pay your techs salary you’ll see a drastic rise in profitability as their production reaches double digit growth. This profitability comes from the increase you’ll see in production without an increase in hourly wages or worker’s compensation insurance. But even if you pay your techs production you’ll see less employee turnover as the techs will be happier making more money. Less turnover means less hiring and training cost, not to mention happier customers with less turnover in their company representative.

Our Pro Treat Backpacks saved us Thousands of dollars!

The Return on the Investment (ROI) was unbelievable!


It was simply the best thing I ever did – it made Pest Control FUN!

It didn’t stop it got even better!

And lastly, what we didn’t expect…

You’ll also see an increase in sales

As mentioned earlier the only 2 ways to increase profits are to decrease costs or increase sales. Pro Treat backpacks were designed to decrease costs but they also increase sales. In our experience, moving to Pro Treat backpacks led to increased sales in several ways.

Consumer Perception

Our customers were several times happier with our service. They loved the way the backpacks looked and sounded, there was a real “wow” factor. We stood out from the competition, we had a better smarter faster way of doing things. The consumer perception was that they’d picked an innovative  company, doing things better than who they had previously.

Care and professionalism

They also noticed the care and professionalism our techs displayed now that they were working with cutting edge technology! It was this technology that increased their wage while making their job not only more enjoyable but easier and quicker! This, we also noticed increased our employee perception.

Employee perception

Giving them better equipment, a better work environment, while giving them the opportunity to increase their income created a business owner and employee relationship that carried over to the customer! It was the perfect “Tri-Fecta” – this led to greater retention, and when word spreads we’ll have employees from other companies lining out the door for an opportunity to work with us – because we gave the best we weren’t wrong to ask and expect the best – enentialy giving the customer the best!

ProTreat Xe

Built for the person who pays for it AND uses it. Less rugged as the Xd because you'll take care of it!

ProTreat Xd

Built for the employer who gives it to the employee - this one can take a beating!

Designed and built to fit your budget!

Because we believe everyone should have more of what they want.

Don’t kid yourself!

It’s the pesticide that does all the work

For many years the business solution to the consumer’s problem of having bugs is pesticide dispersement. In fact it’s the pesticide that does all the work all the business does is supply the means to getting the pesticide to the area infested. For many years this has been done generally by one of two ways – truck mounted spray rig with reel and hose, or with a manual hand-powered backpacks such as the famed Birchmeier backpacks.

Truck mounted spray rigs

This method for many years and been the mainstay in the industry. This truck mounted rig has worked great for many years however it also has limiting factors and these factors cost you money affecting your bottom line. These truck mounted spray rigs with trailing hose limit the mobility and versatility, speed, as well as production, there simply are too many moving parts. Additional concerns such as maintenance costs, the additional weight in the truck increases the fuel expense by reducing fuel consumption. The trucks overall performance and handling, the alignment and tire wear do to this weight. Added weight in the vehicle decreases stopping distance which means this increases the chances of auto accidents resulting in higher liability or insurance cost due to filed claims. Not to mention if the spray rig needs servicing you’re down an entire vehicle and unless you have a back up truck your customers are not getting serviced (this means they’re looking for a new company as you’re waiting for your vehicle to get serviced) your technician is not making a wage (this means he’s looking for  new employer to go to that has trucks sitting around. now your hiring and training a new employee ohhh by the way your customers love to see a new technician at their house every 5 to 6 months) and you won’t get the truck back until your mechanic fixes the pump, the engine, the carburetor,  or one of the other numerous moving parts.

Hand pump-powered backpacks

Hand pump-powered backpacks allow for mobility and versatility, however they lack the power compared to the truck mounted process mentioned above, this lack of power impedes the efficacy of placing the pesticide where it needs to go. This lack of power also requires the technician to walk slower further limiting production. Due to the fact that it’s a hand powered pump most technicians can only treat 10 to 12 properties a day due to fatigue.